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W101 - Link bank and activate company account

This widget allows companies to activate a company account (if it doesn't exist already) and link their bank in preparation for receiving payments to the linked bank account.


URL + <Email> + <Return URL>

Login to your account and goto the ‘Widgets’ sections in ‘Integrations’. Copy and paste the URL to a link or button on your site. If you insert the beneficiary company admins email at the end of the URL, it will not ask for email. Otherwise the widget screen will prompt for their email. If the email domain exists  it will not continue since we do not want multiple instances company accounts for any one company. The return URL is applied to take the user back to your site (or wherever you want them to goto next) once the widget is completed.


This widget is specifically designed to on-board individuals plus capture their bank information for subsequent payments. For security purposes, be aware:

  • All the data is transmitted via https

  • Each company has a unique encrypted widget URL. If the encryption is altered in any way the URL doesn’t work and returns unauthorized error.

  • Each company has their own unique API key which is used to create new beneficiaries and inbound fund notification records. 

Mandatory data.

Email address  (passed to URL if already known)

Bank Country

Bank Name

Bank Account # or IBAN

Bank Routing or equivalent

First name

Last Name

Address Line 1




Zip/Postal Code


Screen Shot 1. 

This screen is only seen if no email is passed to URL. 

Screen Shot 2.

This is the screen to enter bank details and link bank to the company account.