XTRM Payments API (XAPI)

Integration overview and benefits.

We've developed the XTRM API (XAPI) for you to integrate global rewards and payments into your system. This overview gives you an understanding of the types of calls possible with XAPI. You can explore the calls and responses you'll use while integrating XAPI into your site, mobile app, or platform. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions by emailing apisupport@xtrm.com

Features and Benefits include:

  • Embedded digital wallet (Beneficiary API functions)

    • Single secure and tracked multi currency digital wallet

    • Multi currency balance and exchange

  • Embedded admin function. (Remitter API functions)

    • Access company accounts and balances.

    • Move and exchange currency (FX)

  • User choice on final payment destination 

    • User choice on final payment destination. Bank ACH, Bank WIRE, PayPal and Digital Prepaid Visa.

    • User bank connect for bank payments

  • Sarbanes Oxley compliance

    • Secure and tracked transaction allowing full audit compliance

  • Global tax compliance (1099-K and equivalent)

    • Individual and company tax compliance. Online 1099-K and equivalent. All documentation provided online including transaction breakdown.

  • Private branding

    • Maintain your own or your customers own private branding.

  • Allow customers to self serve or you manage.

    • You can allow customers or partners to self serve or you can provide additional services via the API or standard user interface at XTRM.com

  • Security and privacy

    • Guarantee a high level of security and privacy including anti money laundering and KYC validation for all transactions.

Greater Choice + Lower Cost + Operational Efficiency + Turnkey Process + Simple or Shared Fees = Less worry + Increased revenue

The API quickstart guide can be found HERE

The API test console can be found HERE

The developer sandbox website can be found at sandbox.xtrm.com

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